Peanut Butter For Dogs

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Why The Need for Poochbutter?

We all adore our pets. The best moment is giving them a new toy, gift or treat! Watching their face light up and then they’ll follow you around the house for a little bit longer, asking for more. What many people don’t realise is that some of our pets most favourite treats can be causing them harm. A prime example of a harmful treat is Peanut Butter! Most Peanut Butters are made for human consumption, not for our pooches, and therefore contain ingredients and additives that aren’t safe! Xylitol, Salt, Sugar and Aflatoxins are just a few examples of the nasties that hide inside a tub.

With everyone becoming more aware of what we put inside our own bodies, why not treat your pooch with the same respect?

So Amelia and Alastair, the creators of Nuts for Pets, want to make it easy for you and your pooch to fall madly in love with an all natural treat that’s 100% safe AND environmentally conscious. So they’ve bought to you Poochbutter!

"I bought this after realising that palm oil was bad for dogs. My staffy loves peanut butter so I looked for a dog friendly version to replace her old tub. As you can see from the photo she loves it just as much! Nice product to put in kong toys."

"Bought this for my pup, she absolutely loved it and couldn’t get enough.. it’s so sticky and great for her toys! Love that it’s palm oil free. Will definitely be ordering again."

"Alfie loves this... I put it in his Nylabone and it kept him occupied for a while. He is only 11 months old so does get distracted but loves the taste of this."

"My dachshund puppy loves this stuff."

"This kept our dog busy for a while! Great different product and treat for our pouch. Plus no palm oil was a massive plus for me."