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Who is Nuts For Pets?

Alastair & Amelia, Partners, Soulmates and now Peanut butter Creators! We wanted to create a Dog friendly peanut butter after using a competitors, we were sad to find out they used Palm Oil, that was a big NO NO for us. So we teamed up with David, Our Head Chef/Peanut Butter Boff/Innovator, the guy who makes all our Peanut butter! And now we make the best God dam peanut butter for dogs (maybe humans too!!).

Palm Oil Free?

Yes, Absolutely NO PALM OIL. EVER.

What Is Xylitol?

Xylitol is an extremely harmful sugar additive which is safe for humans to consume but can be fatal when consumed by dogs. It is contained in many big brand peanut butters, so always read the label!  


Produced by certain moulds (Gross, We know) and found in plant based foods. These are harmful to Humans and Dogs when consumed regularly. They are found in high amounts in, you guessed it, PEANUTS. But don't fret we source the highest quality peanuts with the lowest possibly levels of Aflatoxin.

Is it safe for me to eat it?

Well, first you will need your pooches permission... If they are willing to share then we encourage you to get stuck in! We don't use 'pet grade' ingredients, Alastair (One of our directors) eats it all the time and makes the best satay sauce with it! He will share the recipe if you ask nicely... We are thinking about making one to share with your pooch... what do you think?

Why add Honey?

You mean Why do we add epic Yorkshire Honey? Well this is a dog treat, our dog researchers  found that normal Peanut Butter just wasn't quite sticky enough 

Can my cute fluffy puppy have some?

Yes this is safe for your puppy, in fact safe for all ages! However if your Puppy doesn't like it don't make them eat it! 

Why add Coconut Oil?

We add Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to nourish your dog from the inside out, it's perfect for healthy skin and a gloriously glossy coat! It also helps to keep the peanut butter together! 

£5.99 Really???

We prioritise where we purchase our peanuts from! Our Peanuts are from South America, and peanuts from here have far less aflatoxins. They produce a higher quality Peanut with higher protein levels that gives us the perfect Peanut Butter! These high protein peanuts allow our butter to naturally combine and thicken without the use of Palm Oil. These tastey peanut cost us more than your average nut which is why we cost a little more. We are also not a giant company and everything is made in small hand crafted batches, right here in the UK.

Is this okay for dogs who are hypoallergenic?

Yes it is, however if you are unsure, please try in small amounts to start off with. If you notice any strange reactions(Other than a very happy dog) please stop using it. 

How much Can I give my Pooch?

It really depends how good they have been and if its their birthday!! However on a normal day we recommend 15g (a good tablespoon) as a treat, as often as your pooch deserves a treat! 

Why is mine runny?

Just give it a really good mix and this will thicken it up, make sure to get right to the bottom of the jar! This is a natural product and it might seperate and settle! 

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