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The BIG One - 1KG

The BIG One - 1KG

The BIG One - 1KG

  • 1KG POOCHBUTTER - What you and all your pooches have been waiting for! The Big One has arrived, it's a whole lot more PB for your buck and still full of natural goodness. Get your paws on this!
  • Poochbutter is a Natural Peanut Butter designed just for your Pooch.
  • Made in the UK without Palm Oil.
  • Contains NO added Salt, Sugar, Xylitol or Additives
  • Contains Yorkshire Honey - making it super sticky to keep your Pooch occupied and happy for hours!
  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - helps your Pooch from the inside out, great for healthy skin and a gloriously glossy coat!
  • Suitable for all dogs as part of a healthy balanced diet.
  • And it's Puppy Friendly!


I bought this after realising that palm oil was bad for dogs. My Staffy loves peanut butter so I looked for a dog friendly version to replace her old tub. As you can see from the photo she loves it just as much! Nice product to put in kong toys, which is what I do.


My dachshund puppy loves this stuff!

Jill A

My dogs love the taste.

Sarah L

I bought this product as a gift for my friends’ dogs ........ they absolutely loved it !!! A really great product and a healthy treat for a pet

Jamie B

This kept our dog busy for a while! Great different product and treat for our pouch. Plus no palm oil was a massive plus for me.

Lee H

Bought this for my pup, she absolutely loved it and couldn’t get enough.. it’s so sticky and great for her toys! Love that it’s palm oil free. Will definitely be ordering again.

Elin P
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